I am moving this blog to www.1plus1equals9.com  Please follow me there to see more posts.  This old address will be redirected there soon.  Thank you.


I have not posted in a few days but I have not forgotten. I am committed to following through on this blogging project.  🙂 I intend to post, at the very least, several times a week.  There may be, however, several days that I cannot.  My schedule fills up quickly. On a regular basis, I am caring for the girls, developing a routine/schedule, keeping the house clean and cooking dinner. As if that wasn’t enough, I decided that I would take 2 college classes this semester through distance learning.  Though I do not actually have to go to campus for my courses, they are going to be keeping me rather busy.  Sometimes it seems as if online courses are actually more work than their on-campus equivalents.  So, watch for a few more posts in the upcoming days as I seems to have a slight break in coursework (or so I always think before I get behind).

Just for fun,  here is my sweet baby S playing in her jumper this morning:


I guess that now is as good of a time as any to begin so here we go.  Writing the first post is intimidating.  It feels as though this one post needs to function as the intro paragraph of an essay; to map out my entire plan for this blog, which essentially means mapping out my future and that , I know, is impossible.  So, instead I am just going to begin and we can wait to see how the future unfolds on its own.